1. What were the shepherds doing when the angel of the Lord appeared to them?
2. How did the shepherds react when the angel appeared?
3. Why did the angel say the shepherds should not be afraid?
4. What message did the angel tell the shepherds?
5. Why did the angel appear to the shephers and not to anyone else in Jerusalem?
6. What message has God given us for today?
7. How can we make sure we don't miss the message?
8. What did the shepherds do when the heard the good news?
9. What should we do as soon as we hear about God's gift of salvation?
10. Why is it important to be saved as soon as possible?
11. What sign did the angel give the shepherds so they would know who Jesus was?
12. What did the shepherds do when they found Jesus?
13. Why is Jesus called the Good Shepherd?
14. Why did Mary and Joseph bring Jesus to the temple?
15. What promise did Simeon receive from God?
16. What did Simeon say about Jesus when he lifted him up in his arms?
17. What did Anna do whenever she saw Jesus?
18. What do we need to do to get our sins forgiven?
19. What should we do after we get our sins forgiven?