What caused Naomi to leave the land of Israel and journey to Moab?
Was this a good idea?
Why was it not a good idea for them to leave Israel?
What happened to Elimeleck and their two sons while they were in Moab?
What caused Naomi to decide to return to Israel?
What does the name Bethlehem mean?
Who else is associated with the town of Bethlehem in the Bible?
Why did Naomi want her daughters in law to return to Moab?
What did Orpah decide to do?
What did Ruth say to Naomi when she tried to make her return to Moab?
How does this remind us of God's salvation?
What name did Naomi say the town's people should call her?
What do the names Naomi and Mara mean?
Whose field did Ruth happen to glean in?
What does the name Boaz mean?
How does he remind us of the Lord Jesus?
What did Boaz say to Ruth?
Why was Ruth amazed at this?
What did Boaz say had been shown him?
What do we have to do to get our sins forgiven?