What did Paul see in his dream?
What did the man ask Paul to do?
What did Paul think after having the dream?
What should we be doing after we get saved?
Who did the fortune teller say Paul and Silus were?
Why aren't demons saved if they believe in God?
What do we have to do to be saved?
How does Satan try to trap people with fortune telling and other sins?
What did Paul say to the evil spirit in the lady?
Why did the evil spirit have to come out of her?
What did her masters do when they discovered she could no longer predict the future?
What did they accuse Paul and Silas of doing?
Why did Paul and Silas not fight back?
Why should we love our enemies?
What happened to Paul and Silas after they were beaten?
What did Paul and Silas do in prison?
Why were they not afraid?
What must the other prisoners have thought when they heard Paul and Silas singing?
What happened at midnight?
What did the Philippian jailor think when he saw the prison doors open?
How did Paul stop him from killing himself?
What question did the jailor ask Paul and Silas?
What was their answer?
What was the reason why God allowed Paul to go to prison?
What did the jailor do for Paul and Silas?