What time was it when Peter and John entered the temple?
What was wrong with the man who sat at the Beautiful Gate?
How long had he been this way?
How does this remind us of our sin?
Was the man able to do anything to help himself?
Are we able to do anything to take away our sin?
What did Peter say when the man asked for alms?
What happened to the man?
How did the man feel when he was healed of his lameness?
How should we feel when we get our sins forgiven?
What did the people think when they saw the lame man walking and leaping and praising God?
How can our lives be a witness to others after we are saved?
What did Peter say when the people rushed together to see what happened?
What did Peter say had healed the man?
Why did the Sadducees not like what Peter was saying?
What did they do to Peter and John?
How many people were saved through Peter's preaching?
What did the Sadducees decide to do with them?
Who did Peter say it was better to listen to?
What did the Lord Jesus do so we could be saved?
WHat do we have to do to be saved?