1. What did the chief butler see in his dream?
2. Who did Joseph say the interpretation of dreams belonged to?
3. What was the meaning of the chief butler's dream?
4. What did the chief baker see in his dream?
5. What was the meaning of the chief baker's dream?
6. What did Joseph ask the chief butler to do for him?
7. Did the chief butler remember Joseph?
8. What did Pharaoh see in his dreams?
9. Were Pharaoh's magicians able to give the meaning of the dreams?
10. Who did Joseph say enabled him to interpret dreams?
11. What did Pharaoh's dreams mean?
12. What did Joseph suggest Pharaoh do to prepare for the seven years of famine?
13. Who did Pharaoh think was the best man for the job?
14. What did Pharaoh command should be done for Joseph?
15. What is the meaning of the name that Pharaoh gave Joseph?
16. How does this remind us of the Lord Jesus?