What was the name of the garden where Jesus went to pray?
What does the name Gethsemane mean?
Who did Jesus take with Him?
Why was Jesus worried?
What did Jesus ask His Father to do?
Was there any other way we could get our sins forgiven?
What sign did Judas given the soldiers so they would know who Jesus was?
What did Peter do when he saw what was happening?
What did Jesus do to the man's ear?
Why did Jesus not try to resist the soldiers?
Who did they take Jesus to first?
What story did the false witnesses make up about Jesus?
Why did Jesus not defend Himself against His accusers?
What did the high priest demand Jesus tell him?
What did the people say should be done with Jesus?
How did the people treat Jesus?
Why was Peter afraid to say he knew Jesus?
How many times did he deny he knew Jesus?
Why do we need to be careful with the friends we have?
How can we follow close to Jesus?
What did Judas do with the money?
Why do we need to be careful what choices we make in life?
What did Judas lose that was more valuable than money?
What did the priests do with the thirty pieces of silver?
What do we need to do if we want to be in heaven?