1. What was the name of the angel that told Mary she was going to have a Son?
2. What did the angel say about Mary when he came into her house?
3. What did Mary think when she heard his greeting?
4. What did the angel say would happen to Mary?
5. What name did the angel say she was to call her Son?
6. What does the name Jesus mean?
7. What name did the Old Testament say people would call Jesus?
8. What does this name mean?
9. What other names is Jesus given in the Bible?
10. What did the angel say would be special about this Child?
11. What did Mary ask the angel?
12. Whose Son did the angel say the Child would be called?
13. Why is it important that Jesus is the Son of God and not the Son of Joseph?
14. Who were Joseph and Mary descendants of?
15. What caused Mary and Joseph to have to leave Nazareth to go to Bethlehem?
16. How did this fulfil Bible prophecy?
17. What happened after they reached Bethlehem?
18. Where did they place Jesus after He was born?
19. What does this show us about Jesus?
20. How can we make room for Jesus today?