1. Why was God sad He had made man on the earth?
2. How long did God say He would wait before sending the flood?
3. How did God provide a way of escape for those who were sorry for their sins?
4. How many people believed Noah's message?
5. What excuses do you think people might have made rather than going in the ark?
6. What excuses do people make today for not having their sins forgiven?
7. What sorts of animals did God tell Noah to put on the ark?
8. Who can be saved?
9. How many doors were in the ark?
10. How many ways are there to get to heaven?
11. Why is there only one way to get to heaven?
12. Who closed the door on the ark?
13. Why is it important that God shut the door?
14. What happened to the people who did not believe Noah?
15. Why is it important to be saved as soon as possible?
16. How did Noah feel when he was safe in the ark?
17. What do we have to do to be saved from the judgement to come?
18. What did Jesus say the earth would be like before He comes back?